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Microsoft Power BI Video course


Microsoft Power BI Video course

  • The Microsoft Power BI video course that we offer is carefully arranged and gives you complete in-depth knowledge about Microsoft Power BI and its functionalities. You can learn the course at your own pace and convenience. The best part about our video course is that it is perfectly favorable for beginners as well as professionals and will help you acquire all the essential topics and factors of Microsoft Power BI.


  • The Microsoft Power BI video course we offer will educate you right from the basic concepts and theories of Power BI, giving you a better understanding of the course. We do it systematically via recorded sessions accompanied by tutorials. The video course will train you with all the components of the Power BI software, explaining the course in detail. 

  •  The video course training also covers the installation process of Power BI, getting started with your first Power BI application, Visualizing, Analyzing power BI data and statistics, and much more. 


Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI in Hyderabad offers the best Microsoft Power BI training with a customized course structure that improves the learning experience for our trainees. Topics covering basic to advanced concepts will be covered in the course duration. 

• What is Microsoft Power BI?
• What is Data Analytics?
• How to visualize the data and analytics?
• What is BI?
• What are DAX basics in Power BI?
• What are the tools used in Power BI? And much more

History of Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI was released in the year 2011 by Microsoft power BI. It is basically a data visualization software that is interactive and mainly revolves around the concept of Business Intelligence.  It belongs to the Microsoft power platform.


  • Power BI easily integrates with your existing programs and software creating an accessible working environment. It helps make data analytics and visualization better and more efficient. 
  • The Power BI collects data and refreshes it at regular intervals. It then automatically generates seamless reports based on your data and publishes them.
  • Data reports and analyses can easily be customized in the dashboard for personalized usage. 

Microsoft Power BI Theory

  • Connects data sources and provides BI reports.
  • Data analysis.
  • Data visualization.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Descriptive analysis.
  • Domain knowledge.
  • Data reporting.

Prerequisites of Microsoft Power BI

Decent knowledge of data visualization, including graphs and charts, along with basic mathematical measures and proficiency in Microsoft Excel, will give you an upper hand during the course. 

However, our Microsoft Power BI Training trainers will help brief up the concepts and guide the students individually. 

About us

  • Microsoft Power BI in Hyderabad is a respected online training institute with many success stories. At Microsoft Power BI Training, we focus on providing our trainees with quality coaching and teaching methods.
  • We are run by a team of highly experienced professionals dedicated to our students’ upliftment. Their teaching techniques are based on the current industrial needs and requirements, giving our students the extra edge amidst the competition.
  • We take you one step closer to achieving your dream job by providing you with all the necessary skills of Power BI. We aspire to give the trainees a good learning experience with complete support and assistance. 
  • Our ultimate objective is to make our students competent enough with the right skill set and career-based knowledge. We also offer Basic to Advanced Microsoft Power BI software certifications that will add more credibility and assurance to your resume and portfolio. 


How do I need to enroll in the Microsoft Power BI video course?

You can enroll in the Microsoft Power BI video course by filling the form mentioned on the contact page or you can also reach us through WhatsApp number.

What is the cost of the Microsoft Power BI Video Course?

Microsoft Power BI training in Hyderabad offers the Microsoft Power BI video course for a very affordable price. For more information please contact us through the mentioned number.

What does the Microsoft Power BI Video course consist of?

The Microsoft Power BI video course consists of a structured curriculum according to the industry’s needs and requirements. It also includes a few assessments to help you understand your learning pace.

Is the Microsoft Power BI video Course a certified course?

Microsoft Power BI training in Hyderabad offers certified Microsoft Power BI training courses. We offer both basic and advanced certifications.

What is the time period of the Microsoft Power BI video course?

This is a 34hr video course, you can learn at your own convenience.

How Long Will It Take For Me To Complete The Course?

The time it takes to complete this Microsoft Power BI video course depends on your level of competence and how fast you can learn.

Why learn Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most demanded skills in today’s world. Power BI lets you work seamlessly by giving a graphical representation of the analyzed data.

Power BI would change the way an organization or company functions by making it more reliable and interesting with analytics.

Power BI comes with a number of benefits that help in the growth of a business. All of these factors and many more point to the upward trajectory of a company’s upliftment.

The lookout for professionals with Microsoft Power BI skills is always on the rise, and did you know?

The average salary of a Microsoft Power BI Developer in Hyderabad is  ₹5,53,755 per year with long-term benefits and perks.

Hence, it is very important for youth to keep up with the latest trends and courses, and Microsoft Power BI Trainings offers exactly just that.

Why choose us?

  • Microsoft Power BI Training offers the best Power BI training in Hyderabad. The Microsoft Power BI course offered by us is designed by our expert tutors. It is a 34hr video course recorded by our experienced trainers. 

  •  The video course is created in such a way that beginners, as well as advanced level professionals, can easily understand the concepts of Power BI. It also comes with additional assessments and tasks assigned towards the end of each session that will help the students better understand their progress. 

  • Our trainers will assist and attend to all your doubts and queries during or after the video course. You can also reach out to them personally regarding the same, and they will be more than happy to guide you along the video course.

  • The best part about the video course we provide is that it is timely updated with regular updates about Microsoft Power BI, which helps to keep up with the current trends of Microsoft. 

  • You will have lifetime access to our video course. 

  • After the completion of the Microsoft Power BI video course, you will be rewarded with a digital course completion certificate with lifetime validity.  

Course description

  • Microsoft Power BI training in Hyderabad comes with a 34hr video course that is fabricated and structured in a way that meets the industry’s requirements. 
  • The video course offers both basic and advanced Microsoft Power BI certifications. 
  • The Microsoft Power BI video course is inclusive of a few beneficial assessments at the end of every module that helps you check your progress. 
  • The Microsoft Power BI video course certification is automatically generated on the completion of your video course. You can also check out our course section for a better understanding.  

Our Features At Microsoft Power BI Video Course

  • 34hr Microsoft Power BI video course recorded by our expert trainers.
  • Well- structured curriculum
  • 24*7 support 
  • Lifetime access to our video course.
  • Interactive sessions with our trainers for doubts and clarification regarding the course.
  • Course materials are provided. 


Suraj chauhan

The video course offered by Power BI Masters was very informative and clear. Their tutorials and assessments in the video course made it very interesting to learn. Very helpful team and staff as they clarified my doubts with patience.

Manohar verma \

Loved the video course. It is put in such a simple manner that even beginners can easily learn the course. The course completion certificate was given towards the end of the course and I am glad I took up the course as it definitely improved my knowledge and skills in Microsoft Power BI.


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