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Why Choose Microsoft Power BI Placements


Why Choose Microsoft Power BI Placements

The Microsoft Power BI placements program offered by Microsoft Power BI Trainings training institute in Hyderabad is highly beneficial for everyone who is looking to set their foot in the business industry.

Our placement program is catered to help individuals achieve their dream job in the top companies in Hyderabad.

The course is structured by our expert team of tutors in a beautiful way from basic to advanced level that will give the trainees a complete understanding of Power BI.

We offer the complete curriculum for Microsoft Power BI classes and the training is conducted in batches, you can check with us for more information. 


Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI in Hyderabad offers the best Microsoft Power BI training with a customized course structure that improves the learning experience for our trainees. Topics covering basic to advanced concepts will be covered in the course duration. 

• What is Microsoft Power BI?
• What is Data Analytics?
• How to visualize the data and analytics?
• What is BI?
• What are DAX basics in Power BI?
• What are the tools used in Power BI? And much more

History of Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI was released in the year 2011 by Microsoft power BI. It is basically a data visualization software that is interactive and mainly revolves around the concept of Business Intelligence.  It belongs to the Microsoft power platform.


  • Power BI easily integrates with your existing programs and software creating an accessible working environment. It helps make data analytics and visualization better and more efficient. 
  • The Power BI collects data and refreshes it at regular intervals. It then automatically generates seamless reports based on your data and publishes them.
  • Data reports and analyses can easily be customized in the dashboard for personalized usage. 

Microsoft Power BI Theory

  • Connects data sources and provides BI reports.
  • Data analysis.
  • Data visualization.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Descriptive analysis.
  • Domain knowledge.
  • Data reporting.

Prerequisites of Microsoft Power BI

Decent knowledge of data visualization, including graphs and charts, along with basic mathematical measures and proficiency in Microsoft Excel, will give you an upper hand during the course. 

However, our Microsoft Power BI Training trainers will help brief up the concepts and guide the students individually. 

About us

  • Microsoft Power BI in Hyderabad is a respected online training institute with many success stories. At Microsoft Power BI Training, we focus on providing our trainees with quality coaching and teaching methods.
  • We are run by a team of highly experienced professionals dedicated to our students’ upliftment. Their teaching techniques are based on the current industrial needs and requirements, giving our students the extra edge amidst the competition.
  • We take you one step closer to achieving your dream job by providing you with all the necessary skills of Power BI. We aspire to give the trainees a good learning experience with complete support and assistance. 
  • Our ultimate objective is to make our students competent enough with the right skill set and career-based knowledge. We also offer Basic to Advanced Microsoft Power BI software certifications that will add more credibility and assurance to your resume and portfolio. 


How do I need to enroll in the Microsoft Power BI placement assistance program?

It is a very easy process. You can enroll in the Microsoft Power BI  placement assistance program by filling the form mentioned on the contact page. You can also reach us at our  WhatsApp number.

What is the cost of the Microsoft Power BI placement assistance program?

You can contact our team on the number provided in our contact page. We will reach out to you and guide you with the cost of the Microsoft Power BI placement assistance program.

What does the Microsoft Power BI placement assistance program consist of?

The placement assistance program consists of mock interviews, job counseling sessions, and training on the Microsoft Power BI concepts.

What is the time period of the Microsoft Power BI placement assistance program?

Microsoft Power BI placement assistance programs will be held for 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday for 1 hr 30 minutes. The changes in our schedule will be updated to you through our social media groups or emails.

Do you only provide technical training in the placement assistance program?

In addition to the technical training, we will help you build good communication skills with an effective resume.

Why learn Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is software that majorly helps with data and analytics. It helps you visualize and connect data. It is a part of Microsoft Power.

This software is currently booming and is one of the most in-demand courses in the market. Power BI allows companies to integrate the data analytics on a single platform, offering various tools and ALM toolkits.

It also helps companies manage their business efficiently by creating more and better insights. The insights along with power apps can later be used to create business applications and workflows.

The average salary of Microsoft Power BI developers in Hyderabad is in the range of  ₹5,53,755 per year with additional perks and advantages.

Microsoft Power BI would definitely be the right career move for you and your future job. 

Why choose us?

Despite having plenty of job opportunities, finding the right and ideal job based on your skillset has always been arduous.

Microsoft Power BI training in Hyderabad will help you with exactly that. We will guide you throughout the process and help you find your dream job with a fancy package.

The  Placement assistance program offers you great cognizance that will prepare you for the interviews and jobs available.

It will extend additional knowledge and understanding that will lead you to the right job opportunities. Join our placement assistance program to get placed in the top companies in Hyderabad.

Course description

Microsoft Power BI Program training in Hyderabad offers guaranteed placement assistance to our trainees. The program will cover technical training on Microsoft Power BI.

We will also help you build the right communication skills that are preferred by most of the top MNCs. We will also help prepare a professional resume that will put you ahead of the competition.

Mock interviews, job counseling sessions, FAQs are also conducted by our trainers that will improve the students’ credence. We will ensure complete guidance and support to our students to help them get placed in the top companies.

Our Features At Microsoft Power BI Placement Program

  • 24*7 assistance and guidance
  • Mock interviews + job counseling 
  • Professional resume preparation
  • Improve and build communication skills.
  • Refer to the top companies in Hyderabad.
  • Provide frequently asked interview questions.


Hetal patel

The Microsoft Power BI placement assistance program was very useful. They offered great insights and tips that turned out to be very helpful during job trials. I just want to thank the team for their consistent support and guidance.

Sheena gupta \

The Microsoft Power BI Training team was very friendly and helpful. They focus on all the aspects of job assistance and clearly explain and train us accordingly. I got my first job after attending Microsoft Power BI placement assistance program and I can't be more grateful to the entire team. Thank you!


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