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Key points of Power Bi training in Hyderabad (Online Classes)


  • POWER BI(PBI) Topics
  • Install PBI Desktop
  • Install Database
  • Connect PBI to
  • Database Server
  • Add Rename and
  • Duplicate Pages
  • Connect to Multiple Excel Sheets
  • Get Excel Data to PBI
  • Get Text File Data to PBI
  • Load Data from Multiple Sources
  • Remove PBI Table Columns
  • Create PBI Bins
    PBI Joins
  • Change Column Data Types
  • Combine Multiple Tables
  • PBI Clusters
  • How to Enter
  • Data into PBI
  • How to Format
  • Dates in PBI
  • Create PBI Groups
  • Create PBI Query Groups
  • Create PBI Hierarchy
  • PBI Pivot Table
  • PBI Unpivot Table
  • Rename PBI
  • Table Names
  • Rename PBI column names
  • Split Columns in
  • PBI Remove reorder PBI column
  • PBI Area Chart
  • Format PBI Area
  • Chart
  • PBI Bar Chart
  • Format PBI Bar Chart
  • PBI Clustered Bar Chart
  • Clustered Column Chart
  • Create a PBI Card
  • Format PBI Card
  • Create PBI Multi-Row Card
  • Format PBI Multi-Row Card
  • PBI Column Chart
  • Format PBI Column Chart
  • PBI Donut Chart
  • Format PBI Donut Chart
  • PBI Funnel Chart
  • Format PBI Funnel Chart
  • PBI Heat Map
  • PBI Line Chart
  • Format PBI Line Chart
  • Line & Clustered Column Chart
  • Format Line & Clustered Column
  • Line & Stacked Column Chart
  • Format Line & Stacked Column
  • PBI Matrix
  • Format PBI Matrix
  • PBI Table
  • Format PBI Table
  • Add Data Bars to PBI Table
  • Add alternate Table Row Colors
  • PBI Pie Chart
  • Format PBI Pie Chart
  • PBI Ribbon Chart
  • Format PBI Ribbon Chart
  • PBI Treemap
  • Format PBI TreeMap
  • PBI Scatter Chart
  • Format PBI Scatter Chart
  • PBI Stacked Area Chart
  • PBI Stacked Bar Chart
  • Format Stacked Bar Chart
  • PBI Stacked Column Chart
  • Format Stacked Column Chart
  • PBI Waterfall Chart
  • Format PBI Waterfall Chart
  • PBI 100% Stacked Bar Chart
  • 100% Stacked Column Chart
  • Create a PBI Map
  • Format PBI Map
  • PBI Filled Map
  • Format PBI Filled Map
  • PBI Basic Filters
  • PBI Slicer
  • PBI Top 10 Filters
  • PBI Drill through Filters
  • PBI Filters on Measures
  • PBI Advanced Filters
  • PBI Report Level Filters
  • PBI Page Level Filters
  • PBI Calculated Columns
  • Add Conditional Column
  • Create PBI
  • Custom Column
  • PBI Calculated Measures
  • PBI Calculated Tables
  • PBI DAX String Functions
  • PBI DAX Math Functions
  • DAX Trigonometric Functions
  • PBI DAX Date Functions
  • PBI DAX Logical Functions
  • PBI DAX Agg. Functions
  • PBI Dashboard Introduction
  • PBI Dashboard Settings
  • PBI Dashboard Actions
  • Delete PBI Dashboard
  • Subscribe PBI Dashboard
  • Add Web Content to Dashboard
  • Add Image to Dashboard
  • Add video to PBI dashboard
  • Add Title to PBI Dashboard
  • Pin Workbooks to Dashboard
  • Register to PBI Service
  • Connect to PBI Service
  • Create PBI Workspace
  • Share PBI Workspace
  • Create a Report in Workspace
  • Rename a Report in Workspace
  • Rename a Dataset in Workspace
  • Quick insights in PBI
  • Get insights in PBI
  • Publish PBI desktop report
  • Upload PBI Workbooks
  • Upload Excel Files to Dashboard
  • Publish PBI App
  • Share PBI Dashboard
  • Share PBI Workspace
  • Share PBI Report


Microsoft Power BI was originally developed on July 11, in the year 2011, however it recently got its big upgrade in 2021. Power BI is basically a cumulation of software based services and apps that work as a unit to transform and turn your unattached files and data sources into proper visualizations. With Power BI, you can easily connect your data, analyze it and generate Business Intelligence reports that can be shared. PowerbiMasters offers the best Microsoft Power BI Online training in Hyderabad. The Power BI training we provide is catered for students and professionals from all backgrounds. We design the course and customize it according to the recent business trends and market standards. The Microsoft Power BI course that we offer will not only give a theoretical understanding of the course but will also richly enhance and improve your technical and practical knowledge in this field. 

Our objective is to provide the best Microsoft Power BI online training that will enrich your skills and help shape your career. We at PowerbiMasters, extend extensive knowledge and information that cover topics like data sources, Power BI desktop, Power BI report servers, Power BI Gateways etc. All the current trends and latest upgrades and topics will be taught and given to our students. You will get a full and complete architecture of Microsoft Power BI technology and course. Our Microsoft Power BI online certification programs are available for everyone and are perfect for people who intend to build a lucrative career in the business sector. 

Our certification programs are really beneficial and applicable in the real world. Our courses offer beginner level to advanced level of training for all our students. PowerbiMasters in Hyderabad, provides 100% job assistance, extending real-time projects that come with great  practical knowledge. With PowerbiMasters , you can confidently set your foot in the business industry without having any doubts or questions in mind.  Enroll with us and attend our Microsoft Power BI training program online for  a better future.

We offer Powerbi Online Training in Hyderabad,that gives you a keen understanding on the marketing trends, business platforms, softwares and integrations of Business Intelligence and Microsoft. Attend the free demo class from our certified trainers for a fuller and better understanding and enroll with PowerbiMasters for the best Power BI training course in Hyderabad.

Modes of Training for Power Bi training

Power Bi Training in Hyderabad

Classroom lectures

  • Power BI classroom training in Hyderabad is taken on weekdays by our Power BI professional trainers with a commendable experience in the industry. 

Instructor led online training

  • We offer Power BI online training in Hyderabad with flexible timings and an unmatched quality of training. Our trainers will conduct live sessions with the students and use advanced techniques and case studies to deliver a seamless learning process. 

Video course training

  • You will get exclusive access to our classroom recordings and assessments with our Power BI video course training in Hyderabad. Weekly sessions will be held with the trainer for doubt clarification and concept clearance. 

Why choose to enroll our Power Bi Training in Hyderabad

Progress tracking system

We primarily focus on training the students with the course along with balancing all the other aspects that lead to a complete training package. Our trainers will regularly conduct and arrange tests to assess the students’ knowledge and learning along the process. Several assignments will be held after the completion of each module to polish the drawbacks by re-working on the concepts and brushing up the previous topics. A full-fledged training and preparation will be offered to the students.

Tailored course curriculum + live practical training

The course curriculum that we offer is designed keeping in mind the growing trends and practices from the business industry.  Our course is super easy to understand and can be learnt by any business enthusiast. Our experts also give you practical training that helps you gain an in-depth knowledge about the course and curriculum. At PowerbiMasters in Hyderabad, we emphasize on providing technical knowledge along with the theory as it is the only way for a trainee to learn the course to the fullest.

Concentrated training batches

We believe in attending to every student’s needs and requirements and by doing so we are imparting effective and intellectual opportunities to the batch members. At our institute, we only take upto 10 members per batch to avoid overcrowding and proportionate learning probabilities to the students. The trainers attentively attend to all the students whenever required with inquiries, briefing or course related inquisitions. 

Interactive Group discussions

We conduct group sessions for our students where they can cordially discuss and exchange course information, theories and practical intelligence. This practice develops agility and confidence in our students which will greatly affect their overall performance in making it better and progressive.

Power Bi Training in KPHB

Power Bi Training in Ameerpet

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The Power Bi training in Hyderabad was very useful. Joining the course was the best decision I have taken in 2022. It helped me gain so much knowledge and technical skills that I never had before. The trainers were really helpful and gave us extra information about the topic with thorough explanations.
The course was very informative and interesting. I enjoyed learning and liked the way the trainers taught us. The trainers are very understanding and pay close attention to every student. They also cleared all our doubts and queries with patience and coordinated with us everyday.
I enjoyed learning the course and it was definitely very useful. I want to thank them in particular for the amazing placement assistance they provided. I want to thank the staff and the trainers for guiding me and helping me out at every step.
Simply the best Power BI online training institute in Hyderabad with professional assistance and guidance. I love the fact that they pay attention to every student equally without being biased. Srikanth sir explained the concepts really well, I am lucky I got to learn from him.
I am very happy with the training conducted by PowerbiMasters. I would like to thank the entire team for supporting and guiding me when required. I enjoyed learning the Power BI course in Hyderabad.
I finished my Power BI training last week and the online classes were very helpful as I could study from the comfort of my house. We had weekly doubt clarification sessions with Srikanth sir, our trainer which helped us a lot. I also received the certificate immediately after the course. I am so happy with the overall experience.
I have been looking for a good Microsoft power BI course in Hyderabad and I am so thankful to have found this. Power Bi Trainings is the best place to learn the course. With helpful and skilled staff and effective teaching methods, I am glad I chose Power Bi Trainings. Thanks to all the trainers for teaching us the concepts in the best way possible.
The Microsoft power BI course was taught very well. The concepts and the theories were all explained beautifully. The trainers are friendly and helpful, always willing to clear our doubts when required. They also help with job placement assistance and give you additional tips and tricks to crack an interview. Overall, my experience with Power Bi Trainings was good and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.
Power Bi Trainings is one of the best Microsoft power BI course training institutes in Hyderabad. It is very affordable unlike the other institutes which is why i joined here. The classes were very informative and interesting. Good trainers and staff. They also helped with my resume preparation and job assistance. I am now one step closer to getting placed in my dream company.

Tools & Certifications

Power+Bi+Training +in+Hyderabad

Power BI Certification

We provide basic level to advanced power BI courses. The certifications are given by our expert tutors towards the end of the course. The students and trainees will be assessed based on their skills and be rewarded with certificates. The Power BI certificates we offer are verified and applicable in the business industry. One can apply for jobs solely with our course certificates.

  • Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate
  • Exam DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI
  • Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst
  • Fundamentals of Data Visualization with Power BI.
  • Business Analyst Master’s Program.
  •  Data Analyst Master’s Program.

Our accomplishments and expertise

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Students placed in MNCs
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Benefits of learning Microsoft Power BI course

Prerequisites for Power BI Training

Benefits of this Power BI course

Job Opportunities in Power BI


What if I miss any class?

We will provide recorded videos of each class, so in case you miss any class, you can go through the recordings at your convenience and check with our trainers in the upcoming classes.

Does the Power BI Online training come with a certificate?

Yes, all our trainees will receive a course completion certificate. Our  Microsoft Power BI Trainers will hand over the certificates and our  certificates which will add more credibility to your resume.

How long does it take to complete the Power BI training course?

The training is done via online sessions and will take up to 25+ sessions.

What if I want to ask for clarification regarding the Power BI Training?

Our experts will always be available to clear and clarify all your queries and doubts. You can get in touch with them during class hours or after the session is completed.

What are the prerequisites for attending ServiceNow Online training?

Knowledge in Microsoft Excel is a must and basic knowledge in mathematical measures and data modeling would be preferred.

How much will it cost me to attend the Microsoft Power BI Training?

You can contact us on our given contact details. We don’t charge anything extra , you will only be required to pay our course fees.

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